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Why foster?

Until we finish with our centre, we rely completely on our fosters to care for DDR dogs. Sometimes, it’s an emergency in order to save a dog’s life or sometimes it’s for a few weeks to a few months until we find them a new home.

Fostering helps dogs with socialisation and it helps with their recovery. 


How to foster a DDR dog

We’re grateful to all our foster volunteers. While we provide the food and all the other costs incurred, the love and care our fosterers give can’t be matched.

The process of fostering would normally go like this:

Step 1.

You email us about your interest in fostering.

Step 2.

When we get back to you, we will talk to you and ask about your home and family life.
Home checks are mandatory so we can ensure that the dog will go to a suitable home. 

We will talk about the needs and situation of the dog.

Step 3.
We will arrange a ‘meet & greet’.

Step 4.

Regular visits will be made to ensure the dog is ok.