Why adopt a rescue dog rather than buy one?

There appears to be some stigma around the topic when it comes to adopting a dog from a rescue such as Dundalk Dog Rescue. The uncertainty originates from people not knowing the full background of the dog, what has happened to it or its family and whether or not they will be harmful in places such as a family home.

One thing you can be sure of when adopting a dog is that it has been in the best care it has been possibly its whole life when it was in the shelter. It has been nursed back to full health by the appropriate care and love. Also, many dogs come into the shelter pregnant. These puppies may then also be adopted, clearing any questions about the dog’s past.

The problem with buying a dog from a breeder is you don’t know the full back story. Ireland has been dubbed the ‘puppy farm capital of Europe’. The dogs in these farms can have a range of bad health defects such as social due to isolation and physical due to lack of care and breeding. You may think you are not buying a dog from a puppy farms but warning signs such as, the farmers wanting to meet you halfway and other relevant situations such as this point to danger. These farmers are in it for the money and don’t care about the puppies health. You may think you are saving the puppy by buying from a puppy farm when in actual fact you are putting money into a pure selfish business.

Rescues must come together to campaign against puppy farms and raise awareness to both the Irish public and Government about how harmful they actually are. Knowledge is crucial within this situation and the more that people are exposed to the truth about puppy farms, that is when we will start seeing a change.