Urgent foster appeal for Sasha

This wonderful girl needs our help again. She is a beautiful, lovely and very smart girl, which needs an experienced carer to meet her needs and give her some good training.

She has been given a wonderful care at her previous foster and made a lot of progress but unfortunately was not getting along with her foster own dog so sadly Sasha returned to the kennels. The injured paw makes the situation even harder and that is why we need your help. Kennels is no place for the girl to recover.

We need a home with plenty of time, no other dogs and some experience with dogs to ensure fast recovery and proper care.  As she is a very smart Husky – she will need a loving but firm carer. We know it is a lot to ask but we know we can count on all of our supporters! You guys helped us out in so many difficult situations so we ask you for one more little wonder.

Please get in touch with us ( e-mail or PM via Facebook) if you’re wish give Sasha a loving foster home.

(Home check and usual rules apply)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts