Tristram – gets a maker-over & foster home

With over 43 dogs in kennels this morning – it was all hands on deck  .. And our Saturday Morning walking crew stepped up to the task and as usual, never miss a thing, and for Tristram today, it was vital ..

Kerry noticed that his back-end looked quite concerning  .. so much so, that a call was made immediately to see if it was possible to get an emergency grooming organised .. this is where DDR are so grateful to the volunteers and businesses who support us locally .. Tristram was booked immediately for grooming with Katy of TopDog Grooming … so off sped Kelly with this hairy bundle of matts for the appointment that was to prove a fateful turning point in his luck …

You can see clearly by the pictures the absolute state Tristram had been in … this was not something that occurred in the last few days .. this is months of neglect .. and this neglect was swiftly dealt with by a bath, blow-dry and style .. and as you can see, what lay beneath is simply an absolutely divine boy who will no doubt have queues out the door !!!

His trip to the grooming salon led him to meeting his now foster family – who having seen him upon arrival & post groom, offered to foster him .. their own much loved pooch could be Tristram’s twin !!! So instead of sitting in a kennel tonight, Tristram is now snug and warm and experiencing his first night in a home environment in weeks !!!

Please please please – bear in mind if you have a dog with a grooming requirement – then it is important to ensure they receive regular grooming to ensure their coat remains in good condition. No dog should be let get into this state.

Thank you once again to Kerry and Kelly and of course Katy for everything they did for Tristram today x

Hard to believe he was left behind in the Pound and not claimed or rehomed .. credit to Heathland’s Animal Sanctuary, who looked beyond the matts and offered this boy a life-line ..