To get or not to get …?

Are you up for an a(dog)venture?

An amazing and absolutely exciting, long-term (15+ years) yet completely unpredictable, time-consuming, cash-eating and inevitably ending with a heart-break adventure?

You’re in the right place!

All that and more comes with one dog* that you’re just thinking about to get.


Please read fine print before signing the contract.


  1. Most definitely you will be required to wake up at ungodly hours to:

-          Walk the dog (lucky you – walking means nothing to clean at home)

-          Clean numbers 1 or 2 or 3** or all of them at once

-          You might step in one of those while doing the check – so extra shower for you needs to be anticipated.

-          Calm your dog because there is firework hell outside and the poor pooch is getting sick from fear

-          Your dog found his favorite toy and wanted to share the joy with you.

  1. Please secure extra money to spend for the usual vet checks, worming, micro-chipping, dog license and also the unexpected consequences of your dogs’ exploring nature. A little heads up: the other ones are usually more expensive, hence start saving. NOW!!!
  2. Is your car dog-proofed? No. Better start proofing. NOW. Google it – Don’t wait as it might mess up your holiday***
  3. Spontaneous getaways, last minute holiday deals? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Sorry – unless it is an extra walk with your dog on the usual route. Just remember to take your poop bags, at least one ball, treats …ehm… somebody said spontaneous..?! 😉
  4. Please introduce your kids to the dog properly. Misunderstandings can end in unexpected and unnecessary heart-break. Invite a professional if necessary.
  5. Provide proper training in order to maintain sanity.
  6. We mean it! Really! The time you spend with your dog playing and training will make all the difference.
  7. Stepping in poop in your best shoes, running late to the most important appointment endangers world peace –scoop the poop! Karma is a b**** – it might be your dogs’ poop in the end.
  8. Please be prepared to spend a good while outside in all weathers before your dog finds THE spot. Coming back before he does – again world peace aka your sanity is at stake! (Please see point 1.)
  9. Oooh…and please remember: dog hair goes with everything. Literally EVERYTHING. Breakfast, dinner, snacks, best dress, worst shoes, beloved socks, brand new suit, underwear…as I said, every single thing.
  10. Whatever you love – there’s a big chance your dog will love it as much- or maybe more. And he will want to share. The sacrifices we make, make us stronger – and also shoe-less, chair-less, clothes-less, book-less – you.name.it-less. Are you ready to make them?
  11. Please enjoy your dogs’ company – you are from now on his whole world – don’t waste it. It’s the best thing that can happen to you.
  12. At some point you will need to say the final farewell. It will break your heart. Actually it will shatter it to pieces.Don’t let it stop you – it is all worth the love you will receive while the dog-venture lasts.
  13. And the last but not least valid point. If you don’t feel ready for any of it – just don’t. Save the dogs’ life and get yourself an exotic holiday or a day at a spa.  It will make you feel good, but will not break the dogs’ heart and life in the process.  Everyone will respect you more for making this decision.


*(multiple dogs = multiple all)

** (yes – dogs do get sick sometimes – usually at night, usually when you’re dead tired and most definitely when no vet is open)

*** Actually start planning your holiday now – it is not easy to find dog friendly spots or a dog sitter for the time.  And NO – it will not sort itself out somehow! You’re the one to sort it from now on for the next 15+years at least.