The Golden Rule of Becoming an Adoptive Dog Owner

Rescue pups in need of a home

Making the decision to become an owner of an adoptive dog can make any newcomer cautious. First time adoptive pet owners typically have honest and benevolent intentions when welcoming their new canine into the home, but have understandable reservations.  How do I treat an animal that was once abandoned and left to fend for itself after it has come to know a life behind caged doors? Will I be able to nourish it to become an actively engaged inhabitant within the family household and also encourage it to learn to enjoy life for a second time after the first foray went sour? Am I the right person to even do this?

It’s perfectly okay to have doubts. Becoming a foster owner means accepting full responsibility for a dog that’s unfairly been cast aside and perhaps made jaded to humans due to unfortunate circumstances. This dog is yearning to find a place where they belong with an owner they intend to love unconditionally during their time on this earth. That’s a big commitment. You may even have kids that you’re unsure will have the patience to attend to the dog’s needs and who may see the pet as a ‘once a day’ type of relationship where you have to step in and take over (on top of a million other tasks that need to be done before you start dinner).

This is why it is essential you contemplate whether you have an adequate lifestyle and are ready to bring home a foster dog. These dogs have gone through so much already in their short lives and it is unfair to give them false hope if you’re just going to allow them to fall by the wayside in their new domicile.

The thing is all these dogs want are just a bit of love and affection. They’re perfectly content to just be a part of the family and, if you’re willing to invite them into that life and divulge some tender loving care throughout the day, you’ll find a new companion that will always be on your side, who will be the first to run to you when you walk through the front door, someone whose whole world will revolve around you and making sure you know you’re always loved.

So, if you’re ready to open your heart to someone who’s ready to finally at long last be loved, becoming an adoptive owner of a rescue dog may just be for you!