Thank you – behind the scenes

Hello everyone,

it has been a busy new year so far and we could not do it without you all.

We have the most wonderful foster team, always willing to step in in the times of need – which by the way are almost all times… And they love their foster pup like their own and love them and make sure that when the time comes to move forward all of the doggies are ready for their forever homes and on their best behavior 🙂 (and by that we mean absolutely spoiled with love and cuddles 😉

You guys are absolutely fabulous! we love you!

Also we need to express our deepest gratitude to all walkers on the Saturday mornings, who decide to leave their own cozy beds and come over to the kennels to give all of our dogs so much needed exercise and even more needed TLC.  Thanks to you all these poor dogs, who’s worlds just came crashing down, don’t feel that abandoned anymore.  You also give us so much needed information about each and every one of them, we wouldn’t be able to get just be watching them in the kennels.  You are awesome!

And all of you our supporters and fans. Each time you like or share our post, with every donation you make, we can save another dog – and being a completely non-profit charity we relay on you big time. We would not be able to save all of those dogs without you. You are our rock and we highly appreciate every euro you decide to donate towards the care of our dogs. Thank you so much.

Thank you all once again for your continuous support that allows us to continue the good work.

And if you’d like to come and enjoy some good time and support us further – next event is our annual Pub Quiz in The Malthouse in Dundalk, on the 10th of February. Great craic and some great prizes guaranteed! 🙂

Lots of Love

Your DDR Team