Tammy – happy ever after

Another successful local rehoming is that of Tammy .. and we all behind the scenes at DDR are particularly please and relieved for this older girl .. we pride ourselves on being as open and honest as possible with the dogs in our care to ensure they get placed in the most suitable of homes ..

You see whilst Tammy looks the picture of innocence  .. her breed and most likely previous hunting life, has been a tricky combination to manage .. but incredibly, Tammy has found the family that has stepped up and accepted the challenge.

After what can only be described as a disastrous  start, Rosena realised that Tammy was going to require a huge amount of direction, training and manners … and Rosena stood up to the task. Over the months, Rosena has trained Tammy – she learned a trick or two and she is a very affectionate dog, loves kids and her cuddles. Good on the lead.

However, her issues  are mainly around other dogs .. so Rosena ensures careful introductions at all times and it is paying dividends .. Tammy is getting on ok with one of the family’s pets, a GSD Angel, but Rosena has come to realise that Tammy is a dog you just can’t fully trust and she just can’t be off-lead or unsupervised with another dog. She can attack a dog without warning but all that has not put them off.
Rosena and her family know the breed is difficult, but they love Tammy and could not face her going to another home that may not have the understanding and patience that Tammy requires.
So to put it simply, Tammy has landed on all 4 paws with them.  She is getting great exercise and walks as they are both outdoor people.  But there is also a sacrifice .. their own dog is no longer staying as often as she did before and if she is in the house the dogs are separated.
Tammy absolutely adores her dogparents. And from the bottom of our hearts, we wish to express the deepest of thanks to Rosena and her family for providing Tammy with a wonderful home and for making the sacrifices along the way … she  is a beautiful girl who is enjoying life to the full now … thank you also to Rosena for her generous donation to DDR xxx
Tammy and her toys
Tammy and her dogmammy xxx