Suzy – happy gotcha day !

Hi peeps – Suzy here …

What an amazing day I have had – my dogmom put pen to paper and officially adopted me – yippee !!!

It’s been a mad couple of months .. I had been found straying with 2 other buddies just before Hallow’een – we were all taken to the Pound for safety .. one of my buddies managed to get rehomed directly – but me and Ally didn’t have anyone come for us – so the kind peeps at DDR took us into their care ..

Me & Ally spent a couple of days in kennels and then on the Saturday – a whole lotta lovely people arrived to take us out for walkies and cuddles .. and next thing we knew, Pam & Jutta popped us into their car and said they had a home awaiting each of us !!!

Ally is now called Fifi and only lives around the corner from me !!! I’m hoping I’ll meet her again one of these days xx

As for me, well I had a bit of rocky start with my dogmom .. myself and the cats were a little unsure of each other – you see my dogmom usually takes in oldies – and so I’m a little more energetic and inquisitive .. but my dogmom was determined to try make it work .. and then disaster – only a week into my new home and I became gravely ill .. my dogmom called DDR immediately and even though it was a Sunday, they arranged to get me into the emergency vet …

And it truly was in the nick of time – all the stress and worry from my straying days / the pound / the kennels – all caught up on me – my little body didn’t know how to cope with all the changes – I was sooo scared – they put this drip into my paw and popped me into a cage .. I had to stay there overnight .. I was no better on the Monday and they said they’d have to keep me again – my new family visited me – but I was so weak I could just about manage a wag of the tail .. Monday turned into Tuesday, then Wednesday and Thursday.. on Friday the nurses said if I ate they would me home on the Saturday – so finally, after 6 days, a skeleton of myself – I was took home by my dogparents with a lot of medication …

It took me a couple of weeks, but I have grown stronger by the day .. I am getting so much TLC and love – I have put on weight and am back to myself again .. I’m even getting on great with the cats !! I literally go everywhere with my dogmom – doctors, shops, lunch – but that’s also because I don’t really like being left on my own much .. I’m hoping that’ll pass in time – but my mom doesn’t mind …

So here I am to stay – and I get to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her tomorrow – exactly 5 weeks after she opened up her heart and home to me … it was fate I ended up here and I intend to hang around for a long time – I’ll be in touch soon, Suzy xxx

On behalf of all of the team here at DDR we wish to express our deepest thanks again to Fiona Mackin for considering another DDR rescue dog so soon after losing her 2 pooches, and for trusting us to find a suitable pooch for her needs … Fiona is also generously arranging all of Suzy’s vaccinations and neutering ..

Just look this wee girl living large 🙂

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