Woof woof  everybody 🙂

after a short break caused by technical issues we are back and hopefully we just expired the limit of technical issues for this year at least and everything will run smoothly from now on 🙂

But let us assure you, we did not slow down and soon there will be some new things coming up – so watch this space 🙂

Things also didn’t slow down in our kennels and fosters and we are all quite busy making sure the doggies receive the best care possible before they get to their happy endings and find a loving home for ever and ever.

And here is a huuuuuge Kudos to all the wonderful people running the errands, going with the transports, offering their homes and hearts to foster the pups, that need it the most, to everyone picking up the broken pieces of the dogs’ hearts once their world goes crumbling down.  You are real superheros!

And for all of us – it is official – talking to your pet doesn’t mean you’re going crazy!. It means you have superpowers! 🙂

Here is a little read by Katie Mythen-Lynch

People who chat to their pets have this one thing in common

Happy Tuesday !