Saturday morning – Walkies time !!!

Have you ever wondered what happens in the life of a rescue volunteer?

Well you know already some of our fosters – people with hearts as big as universe, giving those most in need, abandoned and neglected pups a home and loving care. And there are no words to express how vital they are to us and most of all to the dogs we take into our care.

There are also those to take care of all the paper work and administration, vet transports, event organization and all the extra work, that comes with running a dog rescue charity. None of the happy rescue stories would be possible without their commitment and skills and loving hearts.

And there are Saturday mornings, very special mornings for all the doggies in our kennels. As some of you might know already, since we don’t have our own kennels yet, we need to rent them and that unfortunately comes with a limited access to them during the week. So Saturday morning is the time, when we and our volunteers come up to the kennels and make sure all of our pooches get enough exercise and loads and loads of cuddles. This is also the time, when we can learn the most about their characters and behavior to make sure they get to find their perfect (home)match 🙂

Rain and shine all the volunteers will get up every Saturday morning to spend some good time in the best company and be rewarded with a the best thing in the world – rescued dogs’s smile. (Not to mention cuddles and hugs and tails wagging so fast they look like hummingbirds wings 🙂

So if you’d like to meet those pups feel free to join us on one (or more ) of the Saturday mornings. And you can believe me – we will be happy to see you there but that will be nothing comparing to how the dogs will enjoy your company 🙂

Is it my turn now?

No worries Ann I will protect you!


I want to see more, let me see!

Guess where I going!!! Yeeees walkieeees!


Thank you all so much for every minute you spend in order to help us save their lives xxx