Sasha’s wonderful milestone in foster with Sarah Jane

There are few times in a rescue volunteer’s life that are better than being able to announce that one of our dogs has made full recovery. So here we are – drum rolls please – Sasha has made it!

Going back about 2 months now, when Sasha came into our care with a broken paw in lot of pain obviously and so sad.  Right away we made sure she will get a proper veterinary care but that was just a beginning. We knew she cannot be kept in the kennels in her state, so the search for an experience foster home began and soon enough Sasha found a place in one of our wonderful foster families. But sometimes things are not as easy as we wish to them to be. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of the fosters  she would not come to an agreement with her foster siblings and considering the broken paw, we needed to look for another way. And than along came Sarah Jane – Sasha’s Guardian Angel.

Thanks to Sarah Jane’s experience, great patience and loooooooots of love Sasha fought her way back to complete and full recovery.

There are no words to express how grateful we are to Sarah Jane (we know Huskies can be troublemakers  not to mention injured Huskies:) ) for everything she has done to help Sasha recover and turn from the utter misery into a beautiful, happy dog! This miracle is on you Sarah Jane! 🙂

Our most heartfelt thanks also to everyone who answered our appeal for help in covering the vet bills. You all have been amazing and thanks to your generosity we can do what we always hoped to be doing – save dogs’ lives!

And here once again – Sasha’s amazing journey!