Robbie – stolen heart and home found story

Few weeks back an unfortunate turn of events turned out to be the good change everyone hoped for.

Robbie came to our care around Christmas time – not a youngster already and as it turned out with some heart problems.

Mary, one of our volunteers, comes to our kennels to walk the dogs on Saturdays and this particular Saturday was there and as it happened she got to walk Robbie. And here the story gets a bit dramatic as during the walk Robbie collapsed and had a short episode of seizures.

However short it might have been, this was is. Mary could not leave Robbie back in kennels. Especially having lost her own dear boy Rex few months back – after loving him for 17 years. So she decided to become a foster mum for Robbie and give him the peaceful and loving home he deserved.


Soon enough, thanks to all the care and love Robbie started getting better and got this joyful sparkle in his eyes back again.  And as it turned out, stole Mary’s heart for good, turning his foster home into forever home.  And now he will enjoy his live being pampered and loved and spoiled rotten, which couldn’t really make us happier! And he couldn’t have landed better 🙂

Heartfelt Thanks to Mary for loving a rescue dog and giving her time to help us to take care of the dogs in our care! You rock!