Rainy weekend – no problem ! Buy a dog a pint and support Dundalk Dog Rescue!

Weather forecast sayin’ rain with no chance of barbecue? No worries, we got you covered!

How about a guilt/ hangover free pint? Sounds good, huh! Well check this out!

Dundalk pubs support Dundalk Dog Rescue Newbuild with this amazing fundraising campaign.

Donating the price of just one drink towards DDR will help us build the New Rescue Centre to promote responsible dog ownership and save all the dogs that need our help.

If you wish to contribute to this campaign there is no easier way than just to visit one of the pubs listed below and while you’re havin’ a craic with the lads, sharing a pint why not share one in the aid of DDR pooches.

And here are the pubs that kick-started our summer fundraiser and your perfect pub crawl 🙂

The Phoenix Bar

Russell’s Bar

The Vinegar Mans

The Fane Bar

Johnny Mason’s Bar & Restaurant

Callan’s Beer Emporium

Mc Courts

The Bartender



Cheers everyone!