Pajo (formerly Rocky) hits the jackpot

So many times fate plays a hand in saving a dog’s life … but for Pajo, that was not the case. He waited and waited in Ashton Pound for somebody to save him, somebody to take him home, but as the days went by, nobody came. He was the most pitiful sight you ever would see … small, sad, vulnerable, scared .. with only a bare and battered plastic bed to call his own .. his time was up and there was only going to be one outcome for him ………. until Heathlands Animal Sanctuary stepped in and offered him a lifeline, he didn’t deserve to end his days in the Pound .. so they did something to ensure that didn’t happen …

Pajo came into our care in mid April .. we did our best to help him settle in kennels but he was old and vulnerable and predictably fell ill .. a trip to the vets and it was clear he was going to need a foster home .. up stepped Rose who immediately offered to take him into her care and this is where things took a turn for the better … Pajo began to regain his strength and health ..

He did get an offer of a forever home, but sadly it didn’t work out and we were relieved when Rose offered to take him back into her care ..

It hasn’t been plain sailing for the little man, he has suffered various setbacks with his health .. and this is where foster homes play a crucial role in being able to provide the quick reaction to health concerns and recovery .. this will be the norm for poor Pajo .. he’s an older boy and has been through such a huge upheaval these past few months.

Thankfully he is back in good health again .. so much so, that foster mom Rose felt that he deserved to have a place  to call home .. and home is going to be with Rose and her mam and the rest of their family including Red Dog, Poppy and Piggie .. Merv the cat, and of course the chickens !!! So it became official on Saturday, Pajo has finally found his home .. he will live out his retirement years being well-cared for and will want for nothing.

Thankyou so much Rose … you’ve officially joined the prestigious “failed foster” group – the best sort of failure xxx

Final thanks goes to the wonderful team at Heathlands Animal Sanctuary – as without them – Pajo most surely would not be here today – they truly changed the world for Pajo x

Happy ever afters like Pajo are only possible  with your support and donations – help us continue to change the world one dog at a time x

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Pajo – early April when he was pictured pathetic and depressed in Ashton Pound – an old dog who wasn’t given a second look .. until the wonderful Heathlands Animal Sanctuary literally saved him from the brink and he arrived into DDR care on 10th April 2017
Pajo and Poppy
Can teach an old dog new tricks!
Top Dude xxx
Sleepy head Pajo
Pajo with his dogfamily – Red-Dog and Poppy
Pajo – suited & booted
Pajo enjoying his regular walk around Lough Muckno
Pajo with his mammy – Rose x