Nelly – a new adventure about to begin …


A wonderful example of why foster homes are so precious to our rescue dogs. Nelly is an older collie who came into our care at the end of September – within a few days at kennels we realised something wasn’t right with her.

A quick visit to the vets confirmed our worst fear. Nelly has a heart murmur which hadn’t been treated – and with her body in shock from being in the pound and then kennels – her immune system was flat-lining – chest infection and bad cough. A foster home was crucial if she was to overcome this health scare.

Karen immediately stepped in and offered Nelly a place to stay. With 2 dogs of her own (Ace and Max) – Nelly would have plenty of company and TLC. That was at the start of October –  it was a nervous few weeks, ensuring Nelly got her meds, ate her dinners, passed her “business” etc … Karen has been extremely diligent in Nelly’s care and within the fortnight, Nelly began to slowly turn a corner.

Shy, wary, insecure Nelly slowly started to disappear – replaced by a cuddlier and more energetic Nelly .. soon walks with Max & Ace were a delight for her – trips to Blackrock for coffee dates xxx

Nelly has simply transformed thanks to the amazing dedication and devotion of her foster family. And we are so delighted to confirm that this older girl has been offered a rescue place so will have a wonderful new forever family to call her own xxx

Needless to say foster mum Karen will be sad to see Nelly leave. However the Nelly now is a much stronger, healthier and confident girl than the pathetic waif that arrived!

Pictured today with Santa Paws in the Longwalk with foster brothers Ace and Max – happy paws xx

Special mention to all those behind the scenes who helped make Nelly’s dream  come true – #adoptdontshop