Mikey – living the dream in Sweden

Mikey at dog school
Mikey at dog school


Incredibly, Mikey had been a stray to the Louth County Pound and was saved by DDR in January 2017. Again, thanks to our colleagues in Hundar Utan Hem, Mikey got offered a life-line and was offered a forever home in Sweden .. and thanks to his new mom, Annette, for sending these lovely photos and update:

Hi! Mikey just wanted to let you know that he had a safe (but boring) trip to Sweden and that he´s really enjoying his new home with mum, dad and a doggy brother and sister 🙂

Mikey at his first day of obedience class. He was really enjoying himself -lots of fun new dogs and sliced hotdogs as rewards 😀


This really is the dream we wish for every one of our dogs – continue to be happy Mikey xxx