Meet Holly – 1 of DDR’s newest intakes this week




Another Friday evening, and another shout out to our amazing Saturday Morning Walking Crew – 30 dogs in kennels this week – each awaiting a friendly face to take them for a stroll – give them some quality time ..

Luckily for Holly, she has been spared the kennel life – instead, she has been taken into foster by the lovely Mary ..  what makes it a little more special for Holly is that she was a stray to the door of DDR volunteer Therese, who despite her best efforts, was unable to locate Holly’s owners .. so Holly did her time in the Pound, nobody came to claim her, so DDR to the rescue .. and when Therese’s mom, Mary, heard she would come into our care – she immediately offered a foster place .. and as you can see, she has settled right in …

Please consider becoming a foster carer – we can provide all you will need – you can help make a difference xxx