Max – happily rehomed

Hi my name is Max.

I was 8 years old when surrendered to the Louth County pound – but how lucky am I to have gotten this second chance with Brian & Valerie

When Valerie and Brian contacted us to look for a dog – their rescue Westie had passed away and they were lost without their beloved pet.

But then Max came along – Brian had spotted him on the pound site but between the pound being closed – he couldn’t get there on time and was told was saved by DDR. So Brian got in touch with us immediately and Max went into trial rehoming.

It was touch and go as Max found it hard to settle, separation anxiety – barking nonstop when they left. They were heartbroken and thought he may have been better with a family.

So behind the scenes we had him on standby for the next Rescue transport when we got word that Max was beginning to settle better. They used the Telly and left all doors open and didn’t leave him in the crate anymore when out of the house.

He has a best friend and her name is Lola (a former DDR pooch too) when they went on holidays Mags (Lola dogmom) looked after Max. They slept together in one bed. If they pass Mags’ house Max goes mad. He wants to go in and see Lola 😇.

Max is as mad as a hatter but that is the breed- endless energy- he gets walked lots of times per day and still wants to play more once at home.

We are so thrilled with this outcome and credit to Brian & Valerie for persevering with Max  – we are also grateful for their donation to the rescue

max2  max3