Marty – in foster with Laura

Marty came into the care of DDR on 2nd March. He had been a stray to the Louth County Pound – so no history with him .. he was a lost soul and the kennel life was taking its toll on him .. he was clearly stressed, not gaining weight ..  and to add to his woes, he got neutered .. so a lot of changes emotionally and physically for this poor boy in a very short period of time …

So when Laura,  one of our experienced foster homes, offered to take Marty into her care – we were thrilled .. Marty would now receive more one-to-one care and a taste of home life with a vital routine to help balance his health and confidence.

Marty is beginning to find his confidence again … Laura is determinedly working to help with Marty’s socialisation skills and training .. this is a tremendous commitment and undertaking and we are in debt to Laura for all of her efforts ..

Marty deserves this chance .. he was let down so badly in his former life .. we are going to ensure he receives only the best in the future. This is what your donations and support help us to achieve – turning the lives around for dogs like Marty xx