Major – long term foster

Major’s life had a quick turn once he left the pound and found himself in the care of DDR.  From a senior dog with serious mobility issue straying and brought to the pound and not reclaimed by his owner to a local celeb and a real proof that the unthinkable can happen.

Thanks to his foster mum Katie Major is rocking his days in a set of brand new wheels to help his mobility and brings smile on faces of everyone who has a chance meet him on one of his strolls with the whole gang. And apart from loving human parents, Major gained also quite a bunch of furry siblings to make his old days even brighter.

If you would like to follow his little adventures you can have a look on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/oldboymajor

Major won’t be looking for a new home for now, but we wish to share his incredible story with you all to show you that we don’t give up on any of the dogs that come into our care. This is also why your support means so much to us and most of all to our dogs. It literally saves lives! Thank you! xxx