Mac – with Therese and Danny

Sometimes it takes a lot of patience, perseverance and understanding when you take on a rescue dog. And Mac ( previously Mario)  has certainly found the perfect place!

A very honest and dedicated update  from Therese & Danny –

“Hey, sorry it’s been a while since an update for Mac (Mario)  It’s been a stressful few weeks. We had the behaviorist out & she found Mac very trainable. Soon after the behaviorist was here we accidentally closed the car door on his tail tip which resulted in him having surgery.  But we took a huge risk in not removing his tail, just damaged area, as I felt it was drastic, but it’s proven to be stressful as keeping him quiet for the first while was not easy and there has been delays and set backs as he is very excitable, he wags his tail non stop, but it’s the risk we took. His tail has not fully healed but it’s getting there, the surgery also meant a delay in his training. But over time he has learned to sit, to wait for his food and his recall is much better. The digging has been greatly reduced – we have secured our garden so he can’t escape. He seems much more content – he loves exploring on his walks, to chase the birds – but his favourite is to play ball with his buddies. I’ll keep you informed on his tail 😀thanks Therese and Danny”

Thank you Therese and Danny for your great commitment !

Ps. just look at him all smiles! 🙂

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