Mac (P)update – happily rehomed

Whazzz up Folks ?!! Hope you all are doing just fine – I definitely am.  Because – tadadadaaaaaaa – I am officially adopted now and can enjoy my life to the fullest with the best parents in the world – Therese and Danny. Well my sis Nani is awesome too but shh…don’t tell her I said so- you know them little sisters 😉

You know- I never thought back in the straying days I would ever have a family like that again and that somebody will take care of me like that.  I know I can be a handful at times but they love me no matter what anyway.  And I am learning so many exciting things with mum and dad and they tell me I am a good boy! Wow.. folks! Really, you just don’t get better than that! Just look at me doing the Sit thing! or hanging out with my sis! Thanks guys for giving me a second chance!

Love xxx


Ps. Mum and Dad – I love you soooooo much! ”

img-20161205-wa0002                          img-20161205-wa0007

img-20161205-wa0003       img-20161205-wa0008 img-20161205-wa0009       img-20161205-wa0004


PS 2. And we all want to say thank you to Therese and Danny for giving Mac so much love and care and patience all through the way and this wonderful Christmas miracle by granting him a loving home for ever and ever 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone !