Holly thriving with Mary

We just got an update on Holly and is about as joyful and delightful as Holly herself! you just gotta love Holly.
” She has settled in well. At the start she was hyper running around the house jumping at her two older foster brothers and chasing the cat. But she’s only a pup although she has become calmer and settling more and more. She is a lovely, lovely young pup! She loves people and all dogs! She has a fascination with toilet roll loves to destroy it!!! And any other object in her path. She loves to carry shoes around one at time 😄 She loves to play tug of war and chase with my 4 year old niece😄!! ( we can say the niece loves it to :)) She’s playing with Mac on daily basis and though he can be rough with her at times, she knocks him into place 😊 She is very fond of Mams eldest dog Murphy he is a similar breed to her 😀


img-20170109-wa0001 img-20170109-wa0004img-20170109-wa0002 img-20170109-wa0003

img-20170109-wa0005 img-20170109-wa0007 img-20170109-wa0008

Thanks to Mary and Therese for the amazing pictures and update 🙂  we love it love it love it! 🙂