Holly – happy ever after

Holly’s happy-ever-after is a case of fate, right place right time  .. Holly was straying the streets of Dundalk .. had been spotted on many occasions by people .. but finally she made, what was to be a fateful choice, her way to the doorway of Therese, who immediately took her into safety ..

An appeal for her owners didn’t succeed, so Holly was placed in the Pound as a stray and the opportunity for her family to reclaim her .. but sadly, that wasn’t to be the case .. and DDR stepped in and offered her a rescue place ..

And this again is where Therese stepped in .. you see Therese is one of DDR’s volunteers and her family have been constant supporters of the rescue, as well as being huge animals lovers .. so Mary, Therese’s mum, offered a foster home to Holly .. and really there was never any question how this would end ..

Holly settled right in .. mixes well with all the pets of the household .. and acts the complete messer .. doors have to be kept locked at all times as doors pose no challenge to this clever girl !! And apparently she’s fond of toilet roll !!!!!

So whilst it has been a tough few months for the extended family with the loss of some of their beloved pets .. it seems Holly is providing a lot of positive distraction xxx

Thank you very much Mary for looking after all of Holly’s veterinary care and neutering and for your generous donation to DDR xx

Holly xx