Have you room on your sofa for me? Merlin

Hi eveyone

I’m Merlin .. I’m an older guy, they think I’m about 8 years old .. I’ve been with DDR since the middle of January .. I had been found straying in Cork – yes, way down the South of Ireland – I was in a bad way .. the lovely guys from Hundar  Utan Hem heard about me and offered to help .. so that’s how I’ve ended up with DDR ..

I’ve been in kennels since 20th January .. and I’m struggling .. the volunteers are doing their best .. I’m getting special feeding, but still I am struggling to gain and maintain weight .. my skin has been very sore but thankfully I’ve finally gotten some treatment – so I’m doing much better .. although the vet has recommended I get an antibacterial wash – hoping to get that sorted soon ..

All I really want is a warm place to lie, some company, and someone to play ball with – you see I absolutely love football .. I even have one of my own .. the lovely Ann got me one ..

So please please please – consider giving an older gent like me a chance … somewhere to lay my head .. I’m keeping my paws crossed  xxx

Merlin - GSD Male - Reserved by our colleagues in HUH
Merlin – GSD Male – Reserved by our colleagues in HUH
Merlin - GSD Male - RESERVED
Merlin – GSD Male – RESERVED