Happy Gottcha Day to Millie and Maxi !

Hello Everybody!

You surely remember the two most adorable little Fur-paws with a very sad start to their little lives.

On the 25th of May Millie ( at that point called Mini) and Maxi came to our care after being found abandoned in the back of a van at about 6 week old. We can only suspect the origin of their story but as bad as it started we are more than happy to report, these beautiful pups found their forever home with Soarla and became a permanent family members.  They truly landed on their all 4 paws 🙂

Big Thank You to Soarla and the family for giving those little darlings a wonderful home and place in their hearts!

Please join us in the joyful moment and sending big hugs and warmest wishes to Soarla and the pooches! And here few glimpses into their new lives.