Happy Gottcha Day to Jenna!

We just love these few words – they have this magical power to turn even the grimmest day into the happiest one!

So let’s just say it one more time: HAPPY GOTTCHA DAY JENNA!!!

Tim and Fiona and their 3 children couldn’t be happier and neither could Jenna. Within the past weeks on trial Jenna grew on the whole family and they simply can’t imagine life without her anymore.

Jutta, who assisted with the adoption shared the sweetest feedback, saying: ‘There was love and proud dog parents in the air when they signed the adoption as if on graduation day:) So delighted for them!’

And so are we and I am sure so will be everyone just looking at this gorgeous girl becoming a this happy family member.

Tim and Fiona made also a generous donation which will obviously help us get to more such wonderful days and save another dogs’ life.

Thank you to Tim and Fiona and their family for opening their home and heart to a rescue dog!

Just look at Jenna’s wonderful new life!



And if you’d like to support us and help us save more dogs and give them their Happy Endings please feel free to join us, whether as volunteer helping walk the doggies in the kennels or helping us raise so much needed funds or simply donating towards the care of the dogs.

Thanks you all once again and sweet dreams everyone:)