Happy Ever Afters for Susie and Buddy

When one of our pooches wins the foster ticket and lands himself safely in the arms of a loving foster family, our hearts bloom with joy. Foster homes are the next best thing to a forever home, giving the dogs the chance to warm back up to being a family pet.

It is not an easy thing to foster the dogs -you love and care for them like they’re  your own but at some point you know you will have to let them go.

And sometimes, sometimes the bond gets so strong that you know there is no way you can let go and it is obvious this is where the dog belongs.

And today we are more than happy to share two forever happy afters.

Our dear girl Susie found her good luck when Maureen offered to foster her. In the mean time Susie with her wonderful doggitude won Maureen’s heart over and as of from now she is no longer a foster mum for susie but the best one forever and ever mum! And just look at Susie smiling wide 🙂


And another lucky dawg – Buddy got the golden ticket from life when getting into foster with Joan.  You can say he owns it like a king and look at him going strong  🙂

Joan and Maureen – thank you for giving love a second chance and for all your involvement and support with our rescue! You ladies are real gems!