Gem – successful rehome 2017

We are delighted to confirm Chloe, now called Gem, has been adopted – this all took place a few weeks ago but we had some technical issues!!
Gem is loved by her new mum Colette and daughter Eve. Eve turned 16 last year and her mum finally considered that her wish of a dog could be considered.

When they came to kennels to meet the then called Chloe they were both smitten. No wonder really since she is a beauty and sweetheart.

But she has some issues with meeting other dogs in the street. She was clearly not socialised as a pup. However that did not deter Colette and with the help and training of Joanne (Problem Paws), she is getting much better. It will be a continued effort but she will get there. She is smart, learns fast and is a playful, loving and affectionate dog.

A generous donation has been made to DDR to cover the vet bills – many thanks Colette for taking this girl into your family, and working on her “baggage” – it is heartwarming to see the security and love she now has xxx
Gem is one of the lucky ones – failed terribly by her previous owners – presumed abandoned as she was found straying in the forest – only a youngster.
It is vital for dogs to be introduced to other dogs at an early stage and to socialise and learn how to behave around other dogs. Please don’t keep your dogs locked up in back gardens for days on end. It is not healthy and natural for dogs not to have canine or human interaction. For anyone experiencing behaviour issues with your dog there is help out there!