Eva & Benji – new arrivals to DDR

So here is a brief idea what a Saturday morning at the kennels is like …  a good morning is where all the dogs are wagging tails and super-excited for their walks …

But yesterday morning was a little different for 2 of the newbies .. Eva and Benji had both only arrived into our care on Thursday .. but already Eva had to be rushed to the vets .. she appeared to be responding well so was back at kennels on Friday and was paired up with little Benji – a tinchy little man who was so vulnerable looking purely because he is so small ..

So when we arrived yesterday .. Eva was quite simply a pitiful and worrying sight ..  she was sitting, shaking, head down at the door of her kennel – her body shouting for someone to please pick her up and take her home ..  and we heard that cry for help .. but as so often is the case, all our foster homes were full ..  and we had just secured a foster for Benji …

So Jutta, our Rehoming Angel, scooped Eva into her arms and took her home (along with Benji who was going to be getting picked up later by foster mum Tracey) .. it was a tense night .. Eva was very lethargic, vomiting, no appetite  .. Jutta spent a long night up and down checking on her and was still concerned this morning, so a quick visit to the out of hours vets was arranged .. thankfully after a full assessment, some injections and Eva was given the all clear to return home ..

Eva is now starting the slow recovery process .. but signs are very positive .. it takes a lot to knock down a JRT !!! We will be hoping to secure a foster home in the next few days for Eva, once she gets over this bug .. if you think you can offer her a safe, warm home – then please get in touch – rehoming@dundalkdogrescue.ie


Benji and Eva
Eva – very poorly xxx
Eva – recovery Day 1