DDR runner up for the Enviroment & Animals Category at Louth PPN Awards

Hello Everybody,

it’s been one eventful week for Dundalk Dog Rescue and our volunteers. There have been some 5 K broken ( once again congrats to Kerry, Edel and Paddy – well done!), some lucky doggies left to meet their forever families and we welcomed some new pooches in our care, so all in all a lot of movement all week round.

But to our delight one of the events had us all caught  in a bit of surprise and a lot of delight.

Last Wednesday the second Louth PPN Awards took place and this year Dundalk Dog Rescue has been nominated and ………. taaaadaaaaammmmm………… chosen a runner-up  in the Enviroment and Animals category!!!!!

For that honor we wish to express out thanks to the Louth PPN comittee for noticing and chosing Dundalk Dog Rescue.

But most of all we would wish to thank our brave volunteers and all of our supporters as nothing of what we do would be possible without you!

As you all know Dundalk Dog Rescue is 100% volunteer – based charity, all we do, all fundraisers and donations is going only towards the care of the dogs. And with our big dream to build our own Rescue Centre we count on you all more than ever. And this award is  proof, that as always we can count on all of you!

So thank you all once again from the bottom of our hearts!