Davey – in foster with Pam

Hello everyone,

please meet Davey – the ultimate rescue story.

Despite being a very young pup Davey went through some horrible times already before he safely landed in foster with our lovely Pam. ( A great shout out to Pam for giving him a warm spot and loving arms- you’re a star! )

Davey was found trapped beneath the De La Salle here in Dundalk. He had to be dug out! And his cries could be heard for a week before they finally located him. Being probably around 4 months old – how scared this little dude must have been! And starving and cold!!! He is so teeny-tiny.

We don’t know why and how did he end up under the De La Salle and why nobody misses him but what we know he is safe now and already reserved to go to a forever home.

And in the meantime just look at him enjoying the so much deserved TLC with Pam and making friends with Mayor 🙂

Aren’t they both scrumptious ?!!! XXX

IMG-20170207-WA0000 IMG-20170207-WA0006