Darragh and Minstrel – currently in our care

Again, thank you to Kerry for these fabulous pictures taken of Minstrel and Darragh while out on their walkies on Saturday … it’s the simple things like fresh air, company and exercise that dogs enjoy the  most .. for our kennels dogs and our volunteers, sadly at the moment this is something we can only do on a Saturday morning …

Darragh has been in the care of DDR since 9th February .. he was a former racing greyhound who sadly found himself surrendered to the Louth County Pound. He has patiently waited day after day, week after week for us to find him a happy ever after .. his racing days are well and truly a thing of the past.

We have been sourcing a forever home for him with our colleagues in the Greyhound rescues and we hope to have a confirmed happy ever after for Darragh real soon – he totally deserves it .. he is a huge hit with all our walkers – a heart-breaker xxx

Minstrel arrived into DDR’s care on 14th March .. he too was a surrender to the Louth County Pound. Minstrel is absolutely divine .. a gorgeous, friendly boy who has regained his smile after the trauma of finding himself in the Pound. We will work hard to find him a forever home – he deserves a second chance xxx


Minstrel –