Charley – Emergency arrival into our care

Here at DDR, our sole aim is to save all the unwanted/unclaimed dogs from the local Pound when their time is up. Each and every week the Pound fills up with strays/surrenders. On top of these, we are requested every day to help with private surrenders for many reasons – moving home, no longer able to cope, grew too big, just had a baby, not enough time… the excuses go on … and sadly we are not always in a position to help immediately .. but we do try to help when we can ..

And here is the latest pooch we were asked to help .. this little lady, now named Charley, was surrendered into our care this evening .. thank you so much to our superb volunteers Ann & Paddy who made the trip this evening to pick her up .. she was unfortunately in dire need of a grooming and we wish to extend huge thanks to the lovely Ann of Wags Dog Grooming Service who, despite the late time, offered to groom this little pet ..

She is now looking and feeling much better and is in emergency foster with our rescue angel Jutta for tonight, and will move to trial foster tomorrow ..

Saving this little lady has involved a lot of planning and logistics by our volunteers behind the scenes .. there is never a day off in rescue and we at DDR do our best to help out when we can – this is on top of dealing with the huge numbers of dogs currently in our care .. but this is only possible with your continued support .. and of course the support of local businesses in the town, like Ann’s, who offer their services free of charge for these vulnerable pooches ..

Just picked up
In foster with Jutta this evening
Matts …
Mid groom
Post groom