Beginning of a new era for Dundalk Dog Rescue

2005 was the beginning of what is now known as Dundalk Dog Rescue. Ann Moore, our founder, has been unwavering in her vocation to save as many dogs as possiblefrom the Louth County Pound .. at that time, the “Put To Sleep” rate in Louth was 73% – that’s 3 out of every 4 dogs that entered the Pound were “killed” by lethal injection. The rate currently in 2016 is 10% – truly amazing for such a small rescue run entirely by volunteers!

So where do we keep these dogs when we rescue them from the Pound? We have no premises of our own, so instead, we’ve been renting commercial kennels. Our first kennels we moved from after 7 years .. we were lucky to find another kennels so quickly to take our Pound dogs, but last year we were given notice that these kennels were closing down. It was very hard to find an alternative kennels that would take Pound Dogs and facilitate walkers on a Saturday. The reality became clear that we would have to bite the bullet and find a premises of our own.

This has been quite a daunting and scary decision – one that has not been taken lightly. Our core team behind the scenes have been working tirelessly to secure a site to build our dream Rescue Center. Twice we have been close, only to have been let down. So a year into the process, we finally got the backing from the Louth County Council to take a lease on the site next to the Louth County Pound. Huge credit to Bobby Wain of McAteer’s FoodHouse, who has lent his support in being the driving force behind this ..

We are intending on building a state of the art Rescue Center, custom-designed with the dog’s health, welfare, safety and happiness at the forefront. There will be indoor and outdoor areas. Communal areas. ICU for dogs who are unwell or need special care. A place for our carer’s to stay. And also a boarding kennels area & grooming area – which will help generate some income to DDR.

None of this is going to come cheap – but it is going to be an investment into the future and will be a place for the Dundalk community to be proud of and be a part of. This has been a dream for so long for our volunteers. Currently, we only have access to our dogs on Saturdays – as the commercial kennels doesn’t facilitate visitors during the week. This planned state of the art center will be ours and will be accessible every day – a much more ideal scenario for the dogs who will enjoy daily interaction with our volunteers. Something they just aren’t getting at the moment.

We will be appealing for support along the way – electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, etc – it will be all hands on deck. Bobby has secured an architect and the design phase is almost complete. We will be doing a diary of the progress along the way!

But as with everything, it comes down to the money. We will be taking a loan out to facilitate the build .. a very scary move for us – but this is an investment into our Rescue Center .. nobody at DDR gets paid – every cent raised by the selling of calendars, christmas cards, car boot sales, text donations – all go directly to the care of the dogs. So please continue to support our fundraising events. Please continue to buy our calendars, our christmas cards .. sign up to make donations .. all details can be found on our new, improved website – < www.dundalkdogrescue.ie

Text donations can also be made by texting DDR to 50300

Please share & watch this space for updates ..

Finally – a special thank you to everyone behind the scenes for their hard work and determination to get this project started – DDR is truly blessed with such wonderful volunteers and supporters xxx