all the little victories…

Hello everybody,

New Year barely began and yet we have hands full taking care of all the wonderful dogs in our care. Our foster homes are getting busier and busier, the kennels are filling up and somehow there is no end to the dogs, that need us. And it literally is a matter of life and death!

It seems like an never-ending battle but we are not giving up. And the reason is simple – once you’ve seen the gratitude and love in the eyes of the dog, that just has been saved and he knows that from now on life will only get better – you just won’t be able to stop.  To see them safe, fed and most of all loved is what makes every minute of this battle worth it.

And you – our dear supporters – you are the reason we are able to continue. With every donation you make no matter how big or small you help us to save more and more lives. So our victories are yours victories, so here we would love to share some of the latest with you.



Meet Ivy and his foster bro Otto. Ivy is currently enjoying the comforts of a warm home with his foster mum Petra. Picture of joy and content 🙂

IMG-20170117-WA0000 IMG-20170117-WA0001

Timmy the Lucky Dog is totally taking advantage of the fact, that he had to pay a visit at the vet today and going all ‘it’s a hard knock life’ and please somebody hug me with his foster parents 🙂

IMG-20170117-WA0002        IMG-20170117-WA0003

And have you seen anything cuter than this little angel Kirsty ?! Just look at this face all like : Is it really mine? I can have this whoooole bed for me? ‘ 🙂  Well yes Kirsty, it’s all yours and you get well after your op now 🙂



So once again, thank you all for your support and please don’t forget us. We need you now more than ever! And remember – this is what we’re fighting for.