5 Reasons Why Having a Dog Makes for a Better You

Here at DDR, seeing as its #NationalPuppyDay we ought to share some reasons as to why owning a dog makes for a better you!

1. Your mood
Spending even just as little as 15 minutes with a dog increases your mood dramatically they, without knowing, can make you feel less stressed, calm and relaxed. Seeing that wagging tail and cheeky smile from your pooch is sure to make you a happy human.
2. Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
It has been proven that simply petting and talking to a dog can lower blood pressure significantly. I mean, it the cute face and positive attitude wasn’t even to convince you then it’s for the good of your health people.
3. Healthy fitness routine
Obviously, you both need daily physical exercise so this is a perfect excuse to get out there and get fit! With the weather set to improve get yourself a new madra and off you go.
4. Beneficial for the kids
Keeping a dog around the family home alongside the kids can help with their self-esteem in later years and also help them handle stress sub-consciously. Studies have shown children who grew up with dogs have a lower risk of developing eczema and general pet allergies this then has an effect on their school attendance, which research says kids are less likely to take sick days of school. It’s a win win if you ask me!
5. Best friends
To put it humbly, you will always have a best friend in your dog. Think of someone who you are their whole life, someone whose pure excitement is to see you coming in through the door each day, who gets enjoyment from a simple walk or belly rub? Dogs are just as much of a necessity to a family as is a mother or father. They are creatures who provide endless love and affection and are bloody adorable!