Can you be Merlin’s Happy Ending?

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As some of you might remember Merlin came to our care in February this year. He was skin and bones, his skin was in terrible condition and despite all that he was still as gentle and sweet as they come.  He accepted gratefully all help, trusting us completely and after all necessary checks and procedures […]

Once upon a Jessie…

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I’d say many of you, like me have read or watched “The Little Prince” at some stage in your life . It’s the one with the baobab and the lamb in the box and little rose. Do you remember when the Little Prince met the fox and they became friends? Do you remember when fox […]

Have some fun with your dog!

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My experience with dog tricks – Edel Halpin DDR volunteer Trick training does more than teach cute party tricks to entertain your friends. It offers a way to bond with your dog. It also provides mental stimulation for your pet which will help tire her out! (great if it’s a wet day or late and you […]