Eva & Benji – new arrivals to DDR

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So here is a brief idea what a Saturday morning at the kennels is like …  a good morning is where all the dogs are wagging tails and super-excited for their walks … But yesterday morning was a little different for 2 of the newbies .. Eva and Benji had both only arrived into our […]

Tammy – happy ever after

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Another successful local rehoming is that of Tammy .. and we all behind the scenes at DDR are particularly please and relieved for this older girl .. we pride ourselves on being as open and honest as possible with the dogs in our care to ensure they get placed in the most suitable of homes […]

Holly – happy ever after

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Holly’s happy-ever-after is a case of fate, right place right time  .. Holly was straying the streets of Dundalk .. had been spotted on many occasions by people .. but finally she made, what was to be a fateful choice, her way to the doorway of Therese, who immediately took her into safety .. An […]

Sasha – continuing her recovery journey

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          Well these photos speak for themselves and just show exactly how resilient dogs can be … particularly when they are in a foster home and receiving all the TLC and exercise they require… huge credit to Sarah Jane who is working wonders rehabilitating Sasha post-surgery and for providing her with […]

We Need to Talk about Puppy Farming

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At Dundalk Dog Rescue we make it our mission to protect dogs no matter their background because we believe all dogs deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion. This is why we want to put a stop to puppy farming. Every day pounds will receive unwanted dogs from local homes and off the streets. […]