Our Kennels, Our Dream!

new kennels

Ever since it’s foundation in 2005 Dundalk Dog Rescue has saved the lives of thousands of dogs.

For those 13 years DDR volunteers have been fighting with all their strength to save each dog that finds itself abandoned in the local pound.
We fight for each and every dog because they have no voice, no one else who will fight for them and because their life depends on it. Although it is not an easy fight, wagging tails and happy endings make it all worthwhile and give the strength needed to keep going for yet another fight and another dream.

This year the dream is bigger than ever. We dream of our own facility to make sure dogs in our care will receive even better care before they head off to their forever homes.

At present the dogs in our care (usually between 40 -70 per week) stay in commercially owned & run kennels on a cost per night basis while we work on finding their forever homes. Our contact time with them is extremely restricted, which hinders us considerably in our efforts to assess and rehome them. The dream is to create a dedicated Rescue Centre here in the community where we can better invest our time and money. A place where we know that these dogs are cared for to the highest possible standard, with daily exercise, proper nutrition and minimum stress.

This facility will also provide a base for our volunteers, a centre for members of public to view dogs  and for school groups and others to visit and learn about responsible dog ownership. We want to save dogs lives – yes – but after years of seeing local pounds fill up just as quickly as  we take our dogs  out we want to try to bring about real change. There is a huge unwanted dog problem in Ireland today. For change to occur people need to become aware, informed and educated.

Last year alone 747 dogs passed through our system and moved to their forever homes.


That’s 747 dogs who, because of our work, are now much loved family pets. The costs involved in paying for commercial kennels are huge and on top of veterinary and transport costs is simply unsustainable. So after several years of searching (wishing and praying!) a suitable site has been located and we are taking on this huge challenge of building our own centre.

But we won’t be able to do it alone. You our dear supporters, made the 13 years possible. Today we ask you again for your help to make this dream come true.
Please consider a special donation towards building the new kennels or check out our  sponsorship packages. Watch this space as we will be updating you on our progress.

100% funds supports
the building of the new kennels.