A little bit of history… by Ann Moore

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Wise men say: Learn from the past, live in the present, plan for the future. And so are we at DDR, while planning the extreme challenge of building our own Rescue Centre, we asked the founding Dog-Mother of DDR Ann Moore: Why did Dundalk Dog Rescue start? DDR started quite by accident.  From a bored few […]

We woof you a Merry Christmas!

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As the year comes to an end and the time to be merry is upon us we would love to take the opportunity and wish all of our families and friends, our dearest supporters a wonderful and blessed Christmas time! And even though this is usually the hardest time for everyone in the animal rescues […]

Feeding Fido by Emma Henry

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Feeding Fido We all know that a healthy lifestyle for humans requires giving our body what it requires – activity and nutritious food. Common sense along with an increasing body of scientific evidence tells us that means a diet of whole foods. Simply that is food that remains close to the way nature produced it […]

Happy Gottcha Day to Sasha!!!

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Happy days everybody!!! After a very troublesome beginnings, broken paw with following operation and time consuming recovery our darling Sasha has been officially adopted on the 31st of August by Sarah Jane and her family. Sasha spent few past months with Sarah Jane as her foster mum and surely made her way into the hearts […]

Happy Gottcha Day to Millie and Maxi !

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Hello Everybody! You surely remember the two most adorable little Fur-paws with a very sad start to their little lives. On the 25th of May Millie ( at that point called Mini) and Maxi came to our care after being found abandoned in the back of a van at about 6 week old. We can […]