To save the lives of dogs on the ” put to sleep” lists in pounds, to help rehabilitate and rehome them, and to promote responsible dog ownership.

Dogs end up at the pound for a number of reasons. A stray dog in the pound has 5 days to be reclaimed or re-homed (Control of Dogs Act, 1986). A dog surrendered by it’s owners may be euthanised immediately. Louth County Council does it’s best to rehome dogs but unfortunately due to the sheer volume of dogs entering the pound many dogs are listed for euthanasia to accommodate new arrivals.

These are dogs that DDR rescue and take into our care.

The official Dept. of the Environmental Dog Control Figures shows that Louth now has one of the lowest destruction rate in Ireland. This figure was over 75% prior to DDR being founded.

We do not have our own premises so we mind the dogs until a place can be found for them in a rehoming rescue. We rely heavily on people to help us by fostering our dogs until the next stage of their journey begins. If we cannot find a fosterer we pay for kennelling. The rescue runs up huge costs each month, with most of our funds being used for kennelling, transport and vet bills.

Monetary Donations are also supplemented by a DAFM Government Grant Award. The recent grant expired at the end of 2019.

We encourage responsible dog ownership and advocate the vaccination, micro chipping and neuter/spaying of family pets.

Who We Are
We are an entirely voluntary non-profit making organisation set up
in 2005 by a group of ordinary people in the community of Dundalk,
Co. Louth and the surrounding areas.

Governance Committee
Chairperson: Paddy Monahan
Secretary: Edel Nolan
Treasurer: Ann Moore
Bobby Wain
Ann Monahan


Dundalk Dog Rescue is committed to the principles of good governance. We use the Charities Governance Code to guide us in our practice.

DDR Commitment to Standards in Fundraising Practice

DDR is fully committed to achieving the standards contained within the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.

The statement was developed by the ICTR (Irish Charities Tax Research Ltd.) and exists to provide charities in Ireland with a Fundraising Code of Practice.

DDR is registered with Charities Regulatory Authority. CRN: 20075736
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DDR is a Company Limited by Guarantee