Darragh and Minstrel – currently in our care

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Again, thank you to Kerry for these fabulous pictures taken of Minstrel and Darragh while out on their walkies on Saturday … it’s the simple things like fresh air, company and exercise that dogs enjoy the  most .. for our kennels dogs and our volunteers, sadly at the moment this is something we can only […]

Aysha – currently in our care

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Meet the gorgeous Aysha who has been in the care of DDR since beginning of February 2017.  Aysha has  spent every day since then in our kennels patiently waiting for her turn to come .. for someone to express an interest and offer her a new life, a new future .. Aysha’s highlight would be […]

Tess – looking a foster home

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Meet the gorgeous Tess, who along with her buddy Sasha, were picked up as strays by the dog warden. Both did their time and unfortunately no owners came forward to reclaim them, so DDR took them into our care. We are grateful to Fiona Squibb of Louth SPCA who took both these girls into their […]

St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2017

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17th of March 2017 was not a generous day when it comes to the weather but the wonderful atmosphere along the route, the crowds gathering despite the rain and cold and their warm welcome and joyful cheers made up for the weather completely! There has been laughs and jokes and hugs and kisses and we […]